2001-12-04 19:19:02 (UTC)

long distance

well, scottie called friday morning and told me that he
misses me and loves me. then the bomb dropped. he's going
to be going back to australia for the rest of the year.
it's a very confusing situation. i mean, come on! do i
support him? yes. i would do it if i could. i know that
i wouldn't want him to stop me from going. and, i know
that this is very hypocritical, but i hope his visa doesn't
go through. wishful thinking. and, i know that's
terrible, but can our relationship withstand the long
distance and the time away from each other?

we don't have a very strong track record! and, can i do
this? i've never been in a long distance relationship.
can i be faithful to him?

i think this could be a perfect opportunity to learn more
about myself. do the things that i need to do. focus
more. but, i don't know. i guess i'll have to take it one
day at a time.

he sent me a birthday present. didn't think he would. i
opened it, despite the note that said not to until my
birthday. it's a photo/frame with his picture in it. very
cute! hmmmm.

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