Fazzy's Memoires....
2001-12-04 19:01:00 (UTC)

Not a goood day....

Today callled to see if i'd be accepted for welfare.. And
she said that she was processing the information and i
should get the cheque in 3 to 4 business days.

Then 1 hour later she called back saying that the rent
receipt i gave her aint good. Cause she needs to see my
name on it. The problem is that the superintendant ((
landlord )) doesnt know that i live here. So how will i
explain this to him so that he writes me a receipt. I got
no clue...

Everything is going wrong... and i just dont know how to
get back onto track. My sister tells me to l0ook harder for
jobs... But i got no money left, sooo taking the bus to
travel around aint gonna work... *sigh*

If i dont get a rent receipt from the landlord... I'm
basically screwed... Not being able to pay the rent will
probably make me.....

Anyways... I'm gonna go sit down and think... think...