An inside look(AHHH)
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2001-12-04 18:49:37 (UTC)

mental health day

today i took off of school for a mental health day, not to
mention i really wasnt feeling that well anyway, what with
my cough and all i thought that it merited staying out of
school for today. today can be a day to watch some movies
and catch up on schoolwork, yeah right...Well i'm feeling
loved my best friend called me from school today to see if
i was ok and everything, its always nice to know that
someone cares...i've been doing a lot of thinking today, oh
boy...Christmas is creeping up and i am actually most of
the wya ready for it this year and i wont have to go on all
of that last minute shopping stuff this year...YAY! I've
decided that a $15-20 on my close friends is plenty of
money for a present but hey it's the thought that counts
right? I think that creativity is much more rewarding that
going and buying something, dont you like to get something
unique every now and then, i know i do...My day yesterday
was filled w/ boring things,such as a talk with the
guidance counselor about college and what we need to do to
get ready...She gave us all this stuff we needed to do by
next fall to be ready to apply and everyhting, wow, it was
crazy...I dont think that getting in will be as hard as
everyone makes it out to be, i mean as long as you have
good grades and good SATs and you've kept your class load
where they like it then things will work out for the
best..I was so relieved yesterday when the guidance
counselor told me that they look at weighted GPA and not
unweighted, that really took some pressure off of me, i was
extremely happy...I was coersed into taking calculus and
physics which i was not happy about at all, but oh well,
i'll get over it wont i? Well enough about my boring couple
of day, cya


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