Girl in gold boots

Overdrawn at Sanity Bank
2001-12-04 18:42:26 (UTC)


You know, even though it's fun downloading free songs from
the internet, it sort of takes the rush out of buying a new
CD. I've got a couple of Cd's worth of music on my computer,
but it's broken right now so it doesn't work anyway. You
don't get the cover or the booklet that comes with it. You
can't really take the free songs around with you (unless your
willing to pay $250 for a player, or a CD burner) You can't
even listen to it in your car. But is all that worth the $15
dollers your paying for a CD? I'm sitting in front of 27 CD's
here. If they on average cost about $11 each, then my sister
spent $297 (not including tax) on her CD's. Then of course
you could buy an cd burner or a player (iPod, MP3, MD or
whatever) instead of buying these CD's and then you'd hve
them portable for free. But I know that in America we can't
justify spending that much money all at once. Another thing
that's come to my attention is that even if you did, you
really couldn't have the system that long because of the
growing change of technology. Something new and better would
always come out. I guess there's always 2 sides to
everything. I think it's best to just go in the middle.

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