Joshin Jane

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2001-12-04 18:40:17 (UTC)


something i pulled out of hilary's profile...i've never
quoted so much in my life as i have since i started reading
her profile...and i don't even know who lyn is!!!

"I want the dream. I want the person who knows me better
than I know myself, the person who sees and acknowledges my
weaknesses but who also relishes in my gifts and talents.
The person whose eyes search for me in a room full of
people and when they finally go land on me the only thought
he has is that I'm the most beautiful creature he has ever
seen in his life. Not in the physical sense, but in his
soul..deep in the fiber of his being he knows that I was
created for him. I want a friend as well as a partner who I
can talk to and share my thoughts and dreams with. A person
I can be disappointed with, but never disappointed IN.
Someone who sees that I need these things..and yet is
satisfied with the fact that NOBODY could live up to these
standards I have. He's not afraid to bring a does of
reality into my dreams but still treats those dreams as
delicately as he would treat his own."

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