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2001-12-04 18:02:27 (UTC)

Not a typical girl

I'm not really a typical girl. I mean I see so many girls
out there that just wants to be controlling or be controlled.
Their man has to act a certain way that's against their very

For example, when girls try to force their boyfriends to go
shopping with them. Guys don't like to shop! They barely
like to shop for themselves much less you! Most guys would
rather pull their teeth out then listen to you ask them about
your outfit. If your guy does want to shop with you, then
you don't have a boyfriend you have a girlfriend. Now there
are exceptions to this rule, it's when you let them go into
the store and pick something out for you (usually it's
something you'd never wear). But that's only if they know
their only going to be there for five minutes.

Why do girls bitch about their boyfriends never calling?
Lots of guys (not saying all guys) don't even like to talk on
the phone. Have you ever heard of a guy saying "you know I
stayed up till midnight talking to Bubba last night." Not
me! If I had a boyfriend, I wouldn't make him call me unless
he wanted to.