little mind farts...
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2001-12-04 17:04:27 (UTC)

trinkets of information....

i had the best time yesterday! my friends ashley and
angie and i went out cruising. our initial desination was a
mall chirstmas shopping and shit, but we ended up getting
so lost! i am the cause! i wanted to show them the house of
my crush ( i know alittle obbessive but hey can you blame We got so lost! i knew the general direction but
then we just got caught up in one way streets and cul-de-
sacs! lol it was great. we never found the house although i
have been there so much, i have never driven there. i
really suck at direction. lol we are going to do it again
friday. lol dude i am loving that.
normally i don't like cell phones but if i were to get a
car then i would really really need one because that would
be the only way you could get in touch with me. lol
seriously, i would never be in the house. especially if i
had nothing to do. i swear i hate being cooped up in the
house. lol it erks the hell out of me.
i am so fuckin tired!!! for the last week or so i have
only been getting like 4 hours of sleep thanx to
schoolwork. most of it was english... i love english so
that is okay, but dude, i am getting really irritated. i am
going to call my sweets david tonight. i wanna hang with
him on my birthday. i want to go to dinner and a movie with
him...then i want to go out with him to get coffee and
talk. i love talking to him even if the conversation
becomes quiet. i love love love his company. since the
major project for a.p. english is out of the way then i can
go and just chill tonight.
well...little things typed in typical black ink (which
eventually shows in cute! hee-hee).

-michelle :0)