Squeeb's world
2001-12-04 16:43:01 (UTC)

Gloves are off...

Ok, I was not picking on JUST ONE player when I was talking
about the disrespetful Petes. I was talking about 4. It was
in no means to start a border war between USA and Canada yet
that's how it seems to be. He did the same thing as the
other guys and therefore gets the same treatment they do.
I'm not treating them any different because they're
Canadian. Frankly I love Canada and I'm proud of what we
stand for but those guys acted immature and I'm not proud of
it. And so did an American. So what- I'm not belittling him
for being an American. I however, do not agree with the
whole "he has to defend himself in a new country." Sorry,
he's no different from any of the other guys. They got
uprooted from their families at a young age too. Some of
them are from probably farther away than he is. Some of them
are from the Martimes (Eastern provinces in case that
confused you) or Northern Ontario- and Ontario's a big
province. So that doesn't cut it. I'm not cutting him any
slack because he's far away from home. Boo hoo. Ok, and
here's where the gloves come off- you knew it was coming- I
will defend him to my death- what's with the sarcastic
nickname of Mr. Morality for my S? Like he deserved THAT!
Ok, so he's done some questionable things. Hasn't everybody?
He's done some pretty special and spectacular things too.
And who are you to judge him? You don't know him. Not like I
do. You don't know Matt for that matter either. And, no I
don't know him personally either but I wasn't calling him a
bad person. From what I've seen, he's a normal guy. I just
said that he and his linemates did something very immature
and I was disappointed in ALL of them- not just him. There.
I'm sorry if I sound harsh but calling my baby that just
wasn't right and I will defend him when I deem necessary and
I deemed it necessary.

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