Germany and Beyond
2001-12-04 13:59:29 (UTC)

Chainsaw massacres and such

So yesterday Gator and I rented "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"
because we felt like seeing a scary film. We decided
on "Massacre" because it was a classic that neither of us
had seen. So we start watching it, and within 20 minutes,
I turn it off. I could not stand it. It was just too
gory. Now, I love slasher flicks, but this film was just
so graphic, it made my stomach turn. I mean the guy was
butchering this poor girl and it took her forever to die
and she was vomiting and being chain-saw-ed alive. It was
just horrifying. Gator was pissed, but I hated that

I ran across the oddest web page the other day. It was a
page devoted to ex-homosexuals who prayed their way out of
homosexuality. Very odd. Their "evidence" consisted of
out-of-context passages, which were used to support a
flimsy argument. It was just ridiculous. If you want to
check out the site, go to my web page at and then to my links page
and then to links that make me laugh. It is titled "just
look at this." I am tempted to send them an email asking if
they actually believe what they are saying. It is just
plain krazy.

Well, time to take a shower and start a brand new day. I
cannot wait...