Savage Garden
2001-12-04 13:00:27 (UTC)

Getting fired never felt so good...even being my first time.

I was fired yesterday!

Not from my tattoo place.

God no!

The only way you would get fired is if you....


Well I dunno a way to get fired from there, sorry.

Ok so Iwas fired from the pharmacy after laughing at some
asshole guy on medicaid.

These guys are the real trash that belongs in the ally's of
NY and not on the streets.

He said I give him problems everytime he comes in!

I do NOT!

He wanted to pay for a wagon full of junk he had managed to
gather when he was waiting for his prescription.

Real asshole!

I told him he had to pay in the back, where the registers
were. He said I was racist! Me!

Oh man I laughed so hard I thought I would pee myself. But
ONLY T can do that to me!

He went on bitching and moaning and told my boss. He said he
wanted me terminated. The guy had to have been high! But on
cue.......BOOM! I was.....FIRED!

He thought I was going to cry by the satisfied grin on his
face. I laughed!

I didn't stop, not even when I got home. I'm really only a
temp, so that's why they fired me. Like I give a shit!

Why the hell would I cry ? He made himself look like the
jerk! Not me!

So that ladies and gentlemen was my FIRST fire!


Ok now this last part is for someone.

You know who you are.

I wanted to show you what you did to T. You really upset me.
Friends don't do that. TRUE friends stick it out. By doing
that it looked like you gave up on her. I thought it was
childish, and yes I relize I did it too. But it was only to
show you what you did. I have no idea if the two of you are
talking now, cos I havent talked to T in two days. So theres
my explanation.