The Chronicles of My Life
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2001-12-04 12:39:45 (UTC)

Last night our coach pretty muc..

Last night our coach pretty muc tried to kill us. We
skated, and skated, and skated, and then skated some more.
We only had 6 people there (3/4 of our team)so we hardly
had a chance to rest between drills and whatnot. I slept
well. After practice we tried calling Nate, but nobody
answered in his room. The moron at the front desk probably
connected me to the wrong room. SHe was a ditz. Oh well.
When he is able to get up and move aound and is out of the
hospital, he's going to sit on the bench, without gear of
course, and help coach our defense. Looks like we MIGHT
get another playe, from the Peewee C team though. No
difference. I have to go get ready for school. Until

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