Forgotten Misery
2001-12-04 11:19:22 (UTC)

does anyone understand me?

Right now I cant type cause I have to go to school but I
will write more on this topic later.

Is home now and making cookies yummy!!!!!!! After school like always
was fun I peeled out like major today i mean my tires were a spining
for like a long ass time it was great i mean i burnt rubber like
there a marks to and fro from my spot yeah yeah who is the shit o
yeah its me lol anyways im nuts right now with a temp of 100 and
gettin worse but anyways. Adrian was crying after school cause im
moving and i was like ahh stop im gonna cry cept the fact i have no
tears left to cry cause they got all used up last night. I feel bad
for geoff i just yelled at him and hes not feelin good and i feel bad
but i just want to see him but im out more later