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2001-12-04 06:36:03 (UTC)


Today was rather...dull.. I didn't get my lazy bum out of
bed til 1pm..sad huh? Though that has to do with still
getting use to the two time zone change. Then I got on the
puter..but no one was there..and mine is still down..blah..
so I sat in the living room for hours playing Final Fantasy
9..I got pretty far..then I cooked dinner..Lasagna and
green beans..then I played some more aqnd thengot on the
puter and did a test only to find out I'm worth less than
my friend Nick *le sigh* Oh well.. goes to show I'm not
appreciated :)
My roommie, Joey, insists that he's going to get one of
those number taking machines for the front door for the
people coming to see me.. he says he's not joking. I think
it would be kinda funny.

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