My Life.............
2001-12-04 05:41:57 (UTC)


talked to Jeff this morning, he said he was waiting for
the pictures (naked ones), i asked him why he wanted them,
and he said to look at when he jerks off! my heart broke
when i read that.:( how could he say something like that??:
( i thought maybe he did care for me, but, if he did he
wouldnt have said that, he would never ask me to take naked
pictures and send them to him... i asked him if he had a
girlfriend, he said yes, several, and i said then why dont
you have them send you naked pictures of themselves, gee
wiz! hes not the person i though he was, he cant even be a
good friend, what kind of person would ask someone for
pictures like that??? im just so heartbroken.:( at first, i
admit, i was flattered, i mean, hey, he wanted to look at
me while he was doing that, but, then i thought if he
really does have these girlfriends, hes treating me like
crap asking me to do that, he probably would never ask them
to do that for him, they would be to good to do that stuff!
hes not treating me any better than he did before, and im
trying so hard to be his friend.:(