The Chronicles of Ms. Evil
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2001-12-04 04:07:32 (UTC)

When the day is over and everyone goes home

Emily, Emily, Emily what the hell am I going to do with you?

I don't know, I'm sorry, I just don't understand why I am
being this way.

What the fuck are you thinking? Seriously what is going
through your head? I can't believe what your becoming,
it's not like you. Did you like wake up one day and decide
to be a complete bitch or did that just come naturally.

I don't know. Things are just getting all fucky on me. I
don't talk to erin, well i don't talk to anyone anymore. I
don't do it on purpose but I can't help it.

What do you mean you can't help it. You are your actions.
what you do reflects who you are and what kind of person
you are. And so far I have seen you become a bitch. You
don't talk to your best friend who needs you so much but
you just can't make time for her can you. Your too fucking
busy with yourself. Such a selfish little bitch. All you
care is what will happen to you and what people will think
about you. Your best friend in the world is crying out to
you and you can't fucking take two seconds out of your day
and mail her can you. I didn't think so.

I'm sorry, I just am never in my room. I don't get to be
on the internet a lot.

Likely excuse, if you were even half a good friend you
would find the time, no matter what. I don't even see you
try. Jsut go along on your like nothing is wrong and
everything is perfect.

It's not perfect. Out of everyone you should know that. I
can't talk to my parents. I haven't even talked to them
about not being there. I can't stand it there, and now I
feel bad cuz my mom is actually trying to make an effort to
be my mom again and all i do is blow her off. I can't
handle what is going on with erin because it hurts too
much. Everytime I read what she is doing to herself, i
can feel the blade go across my skin. I know what she is
going through and i'm too much of a pussy to help her.

Stop crying, you stupid bitch. Your feeling sorry for
yourself again. Your right you are a pussy. I can't
believe I'm even here with you. Why don't you just
fucking cowboy up. No one is going to wipe your ass. Get
it together.

I'm sorry, I'll stop. Did you see what ken wrote me. I
can't believe myself. I need to stop drinking, I really
do. It is bad for me and alcoholism is in my family. I
just couldn't resist it at north street and I so fucked
myself over too. I have to stop I really do.

Your not going to you know that. It's going to get the
better of you. Your not that strong. People can't take
you seriously. Remember today when mark told you "your not
5, grow up and act your age" He was right. That stupid
fuck though told you to go back to being 5 because he liked
you better that way. Everyone did, they are all fucking on

It hurt today when he said that. Everyone tells me to grow
up and it doesn't bother me, but coming from him it hurt.
It hurt a lot. Cut deep. I got so depressed, and I told
him fine I would act my age. And i did, I wanted to cry.
Vicki saw how much it hurt me.

I knew you were going to cry, your weak. I liked it when
you were serious, acting your age. I don't see why you
don't grow up. This kindergarten bull shit needs to stop.
It makes me ill. I don't see why mark's opinion matters to
you that much. I've told you he's a fuckhead. You dont'
need him, he makes you act like a child.

But i like to act little, I can always be happy. I
dont'have to worry about anything cuz people don't expect
that much from you. They just expect you to look cute and
smile. But your right I should grow up a little. I'm
sorry, I really am. I'll try to be better.

Good, now go the fuck to bed you have barn duty tomorrow
and you don't want to be tired. You know I only yell at
you to make you stronger right, I love you, Good night

Good night, I love you too.