My life and its downs
2001-12-04 03:58:43 (UTC)

I want out!!!!!

I want out of this house. I'm am going nuts!!!
Rex and I live with his mom because my sister got mad at me
and had my mom kicked us out because she helps pay the rent
and we don't! That's fucked up!!
If my calculations are right we should have our own place
by February!!!!!
That's about the same time I moved out of my mom's house the
first time. I moved in with my cousin Susan!!
Man that was the bomb! My senior year and on my own!!
Now we both have babies and within two weeks of eachother!!
LMAO! Coincidence? I think not! I think that was pretty
weird though!
I'm supposed to be getting a new car like next week.
Hopefully something won't happen like it always does. I'm
knocking on wood as I type....
GOD please help me through the never-ending terror!!!
Please don't let another thing screw up for us!!