My problems.
2001-12-04 03:50:28 (UTC)

My Weekend/Monday

So its been forever since I've written huh? I know you've
missed my writing but I just haven't felt like writing. I
dunno why, just haven't, until tonight. So what can I
say? Ummm I forgot about Friday... If anything
happend, I forgot. But Saturday was a hell of a night.

Nothing happend in the morning but at around 8 - 8:30
Rich and Brent came to my house. I walked outside
and froze my ass off. So I talked to them and I forgot
what we talked about but I showed them my DeLorean.
Brent really liked it and stuff... He kinda scares me now
though. They told me they were gonna steal it... Nice.

So after they left I forgot to shut the back gate properly.
Whoops. My mom let our Shar Pei's out and the older
one got out. So me and my little went to look for her
forever. It was kinda fun thought because we used our
phones and had a three way conversation with his
girlfriend while looking for the dog. Sadly enough after
what seemed hours we didn't find the dog. Poor poor
Ester out there all alone... The dogs got bad eyes and
horrible hearing so I felt bad for her. What if she walked
out onto the main road? Or walked into the path of a
vehicle... Whoops.. Shes a goner. So we gave up
because we figured if she would ever come back she
would come back to our house because shes done
this kinda thing before but just not this long. So I sat on
the coach checking the door every few minutes while
watching Mad TV. Dog never showed up.

At around 11:45 there was a knock at the door. I got up
and checked it out. It was this lady. She asked me if I
knew anyone that had lost a Shar Pei. I said me. She
looked all upset and I was really getting afraid because
I thought that she may have hit her. But thank God, she
was in her car. She had found her a LONG ways away.
So now the dogs back and all is well.

Soooooooo Sunday rolls around.. What a fun day.
Ca$hed out arcade games all day long... Whew... So
much fun.. not. My mom bought a fish.... And at a Diner
I saw the newspaper. I showed it to my dad and said
DAD! thats ME!!!! The article has said, "They think I'm A
Bad Kid." I was fooling around. But the weird thing
was that when we got home that night he had shown
me the article. It was actually about a friend of mine,
James. I feel bad for the kid because at heart hes a
good kid but he makes the wrong decesions. Hes
always been a good friend of mine and hes really done
nothing bad to me.

So anyways we went to BJ's to get some candy for the
store. My mom bought a box of twinkies. haha.
Ummm then I watched the VH1 music awards...
Nothing much.

So today rolls around... I get on the bus and I get a box
of twinkies from Krissy... How nice! :). So in the
morning nothin really happend... Ummmm after 1st
period I gave Krissy and Angela a Twinkie... Ummm
nothin else happend until lunch. April had lots of fun
wit me... She hugged me, she kissed my cheek, she
scratched my back, she held my hand, she touched my
theigh... ummmm she put her legs on mine... umm
she sucked my finger... ;). hehe... Good lunch. I even

So then we went to Economics and I had fun there...
fooled around with Angela and Krissy then... stayed
after school. Went downstairs saw April again....
again.. she sucked my finger... It was all good ;). So I
walked around with Steph for a few minutes.. saw her
SMOOTH CRIMINAL friends... Gave Angela, Brent,
Rich and Stephanie a twinkie each...

Then went outside and played hack.. God... I love
hack... I am pretty good at .. or atleast I think. So
Angela actually played hack with us. Shes not the best
player but shes also not the worst. She tries and has
fun and thats all that really matters. She would never
pick up the hack. Until one time I caught her picking it
up. Muhahahaaha.... ummm after a while April came
outside and she jumped on my back and I played hack
while givin her a piggy back. ((Heheh.. that rhymes=D)).
Then after a while Angela left... I said bye, but no one
ever says bye to me.. But I guess I'll have to deal with it.
Ummm then I played some more hack and April was
wit me then my parents got me.

They came and picked me up in the game moving
van.... So as soon as we left the store I got to go move
games... Loads of fun... Then I went to my store... And
nothing really happend.... And nothing else had really
happend.... So I guess this is where I must leave you.
Right now I'm talking to Sarah and shes entertaining
me by tellin me amusing little stories. Fun Fun Fun.
No really it is fun!!!

Heres another song for ya...

My Sacrifice - Creed

Hello my friend
We meet again
It's been a while
Where should we begin?
Feels like forever
Within my heart
Are memories
Of perfect love that
You gave to me
Oh, I remember
When you are with me
I'm free, I'm careless
I believe
Above all the others
We'll fly
This brings tears
To my eyes
My sacrifice
We've seen our share
Of ups and downs
Oh, how quickly life
Can turn around
In an instant
It feels so good to reunite
Within yourself and
Within your mind
Let's find peace there
'Cause when you are
With me
I'm free, I'm careless
I believe
Above all the others
We'll fly
This brings tears
To my eyes
My sacrifice
I just want to
Say hello again
I just want to
Say hello again
When you are with me
I'm free, I'm careless
I believe
Above all the others
We'll fly
This brings tears
To my eyes
'Cause when you are
With me
I'm free, I'm careless
I believe
Above all the others
We'll fly
This brings tears
To my eyes
My sacrifice
My sacrifice
I just want to
Say hello again
My sacrifice


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