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2001-12-04 03:50:02 (UTC)


so i woke up today, and dad wasnt up yet, i tried to wake
him up but he wouldnt get up. so i jus sed to hellwith it,
and went to skewl.
in skewl, me and robin decided we'd sign/dance to Stupid
Kid by alkaline trio.
so online me and ave got in a lil spat... i learnt that i
HATE FIGHTING WITH HIM!!!! *cries* i feel like shit now
cos of that! but he did confuse the crap outta me tho..
like one minute he's like "i love you" and then he's
like "i dont care, why should you" whats the deal with that
i decided ima plow right thru nick tomorrow like he's
nuthin.. i tell ya, NOONE messes with my friends, specially
not one that's been so much help for me.. he treats her
like crap, regardless of the fact that she's like his ONLY
REAL FRIEND!!! what is this world comin to. Anyway, thats
about it for today..

2 days ago, tho, i forgot to write, but i burned some
Alkaline Trio CDs.. they are so nifty! i cant stop
listening to them!
yea... so i guess i ran out of shaithe to say. OO and omie
has a new comic up! check it!~ ! hehe..
well Cya!