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2001-04-01 09:00:26 (UTC)



The time is 12:45 AM, and I'm still up. I was just
watching some Tool videos and talking my friend Nina. I was
nagged by this site because I haven't written anything in a
while. And since this is (but not directly) a new section
of ISMC4, I thought I should update on my life.
I spent the day at Nathan's house, going crazy wearing
a white mask and jumping around to "Seasons" by Crossbreed
(new CD due out May 8th) on his roof. Then we filmed some
adventures of "White Face Guy" starring Ray, Nathan, Peter,
and yours truly. I was supposed to do a front-flip off
Nathan's roof, but with the combined forces of height,
inexperience, Sarah telling me not to, and common sense, I
didn't get around to it today. Maybe when I'm pumped on
Crossbreed again.
Now seriously, does anybody read this? Oh well. I'll
still do it. I'm currently listening to Pennywise. If
you're wondering which CD it is, it's Full Circle. Even my
dog's asleep. I should go to sleep soon.
I'm working on a new song called "Rayman Could Be".
It's about my friend Ray. I mean, Pennywise has "Bro Hymn",
and Goldfinger has "Chris Cayton", so I figured why not. Oh
yeah, by the way, in case there are people who don't know
this, I'm in a punk rock band called Born Yesterday. Go to if you want some
music. Right now, it's only 2 songs ("Don't Go Away" was
done in 15 minutes today by me). And it's funny because
they're the only non-punk songs we have. So we haven't
recorded a song that truly showcases our style of music.
I guess that's all for now. Bye²
- Dustin Snider
Owner and Creater of Incredible Space Monkey Central