Tucker's Personal Log
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2001-12-04 03:44:27 (UTC)

Trying to Keep Up - Stardate 10112.03

The following entry is rated E for "Everyone," because I
don't swear, you son of a...

Okay, back to business. I really should be journaling more
often, but too much am I traped into staying up late and
doing my entry, or going to be and waking up at some point
the next morning (there has been one time so far that I
have voted "entry," and discovered that my morning teachers
have missed my presense, and my afternoon teachers will too
if I don't move mine arse). Anymatter...I'm here now. So
this is what's going on in the life of Tuck so far.

FINALS, FINALS, FINALS! Ah! I really dislike finals
season. Certainly, it's a time for giving, and a time for
being happy to be with loved ones (like the Big Happy
Family, when we all get home), but it's also aparently a
time for STRESS! Another 3 years of this, huh? Well,
perhaps the last two won't be so bad...Tia will be here at
WSC, and I'll have someone to cuddle with when my brain is
about to burst, and my fists are about to take a chunck of
the wall and make it into modern art.
So, here's the school-time update; a list of stuff I need
to do, and when I need to do it by;

MassComm - I love that class! I really do! Light reading
and attending the lectures is my only duty! Thank goddess
for classes like this. And best of all, no final! Y~A~Y!

English - No final here, but that doesn't make life in
general any easier: I'm still stuck with a research paper
(which is mostly done), as well as pleanty of reading and
writting left to do. My first draft on the research paper
is due Wednesday, and the final draft is due Mon, Dec 17.

Logic - Paper due Thursday, reading to be done beforehand.
Other than that, the material has one day left before it's
exhasted, and I have that period off every M & W. Final on
Tuesday of Finals Week.

Astronomy - I need to be well-versed in space-time theory,
and how it can apply to space travel, as well as write a
one page paper by Thursday. Then there's the presentations
on my star and messier object due tomorrow, but those will
be cake. Final on Tuesday of Finals Week (I think...)

Statistics - Is this a class anymore? All I need to worry
about is finishing old homeworks and attending class the
day before the final. Otherwise, I'm set. All good here.
Final on Friday of Finals Week (which sucks...I could be
all done with school by Tues if not for this final...grr!)

First Year Experience - Attend class, eat pizza. Not too
hard...except no I have to figure out how to weasel my way
out of my community service requirement...heck, I'm and
Eagle Scout; before college started, service was my bread
and butter.

Speaking of Eagle Scout...My ceremony is on Jan 6, and we
don't have any invitations out yet...PANIC! I certainly
hope Mom & Dad can get some of that stuff done...otherwise
we're screwed. Yipe.

Emotionally, life is okay...I'm really hoping that Tia can
make it to the family outing this Saturday (Maryanne will
be picking us up, goddess willing, and we'll head off to
visit and hang out in North Adams), but I know that her
parents are not pleased with her current English
situation...56 on a quiz, and two missing assignments. And
I'm supposed to be the tutor...damn. Another thing I
barely have time for...along with being a Block Deputy and
a Cub Writer at Cybertown, a major voice actor and tech for
Whip City Radio Theatre, and a Snood College Representive,
among other things...
And then there's Christmas Shopping awaiting... I
really need to figure out a way to stop least I
still have my dreaming...Which I'd better start doing, if I
want to wake up at an hour necessary to bathe myself.
Peace out, I-Land...until tomorrow (hopefully).

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