i guess this is what u want to read..
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2001-12-04 03:41:13 (UTC)

o boy

well today i wrote you saying how happy i was talking
to...yea im not gonna say his name..but omg he made my
day..just talking to him once made me want him more!..i
asked him what he thought about me and he said i was
cool..i mean hey im fine with that...but i
reeeeaaaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyy like him...and im so happy
that i talked to him..i know it was just on the net..but
that gives me a better feeling about talkin to him 2marow
in school..well lets just hope i talk to him..i really want
to "get to know him" haha..but my one friend said we had a
lot in common..god i hope thats true...hehe..welp im gonna
get going..buhbyes....*IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

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