World of Abstract Concrete
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2001-12-04 03:29:37 (UTC)

Slippery Spectrum

I started to type of how i blew away all the negative
things that happened today, but i'm not going to do that. i
won't do that at all. Well, i'll try not to. Only the
positive. People were noticing me today. No, not because of
the way i dress, act, and think. Actually, i don't know
why. It must be the eyes. Heh, just kidding. J'sf, N'kn and
i were hanging out at lunch just enough for M'n to come by
and provoke his love to me...false love, but still love.
Whoa, did A'nh hung me? or am i dilusional. I don't know
what happened, but attention is...weird. **tingly
feeling** :)
I was thinking about it in english class: will i ever get
married? It's hard to think that i'll be really happy with
a person, enough to marry them. It's hard enough to go out
with someone (a rare event) and keep on doing so, but
marriage? It's far in advance, but i don't see me being
ready for something so over-the-top.
AHHHH! I'm going to be taking guitar lessons!! one more
time. AHHH! I'm going to be taking guitar lessons. :)
Teaching myself was difficult, and not to mention less
effective. Ok, just twist my arm, it's was hardly
effective. Fine! i'm a slow learner, leave me alone.
Ooh, i knew i had an interest in this girl (not a sexual
one..i don't fly that way) as a friend, she has the same
birthday as me! I was so excited over that :)
In addition to guitar-lessons, i've taken up learning the
accordion. In my dreams anyway. Everything I've tried i've
given myself a reason to quit. I won't flourish the page
with details for it's comic and painful.
I'm must be off to start my homework. Thanks to C'd for
bringing up my puppy dog...
"Buster, i love you!!" :)

...if you are my everything, can i eat you? Or just urinate
on you...