Forgotten Misery
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2001-12-04 03:25:46 (UTC)

Ps: Actions Speak Louder than words

In the words of Eiffle 65 Clown or track 7 on the cd

I dont want to be a clown again
No I dont want to live this triangle

In the beginng u were o so clear
It started as somthing pure and sincere
And now ive seen the evil within
So tell me whats the reason

But I dont want to be a clown again
I dont want to live this triangle
No I dont want to be a clown

I dont want to live your lies

Ok now what signifinance does this have to me well u have
to be me to understand because I take meaning to songs and
this just happens to be one that hits me right now. What
makes it hit me right now is g never calls me anymore I
always call him I always am the one trying to set up when
we can go out he doesnt try to see me anymore if he knows
it or not that hurts me well hm he will know now and lets
see hes pushing me away cause im moving if he knows it or
not and if its not me moving then his heart belongs to
someone else and never belonged to me so the way he acts
speaks louder than words so I suppose it answers the
question my friends all have asked me are u 2 gona stay
together after u move well I would love to but he doesnt
want to by his actions so what is a girl to do other than
start to pick up her heart once again and walk down that
the path alone without someone by my side "hence my poem I
wrote along time ago called paths" Baby I love u but what
am I suppossed to think by how u act dont drag me along if
u dont want to be with me ............

Love always

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