Emo Kid

Stuck and Trapped
2001-12-04 02:49:33 (UTC)

Continued -Free At Last-

So yeah, im back and i think i did good today. haha i did
my homework except the algebra. that stresses me out too
damn much, its like gRRR! i hate math, but whats cool is my
old teacher told me 2day that i got the highest score on
the test we had thursday. that i got 6/8 and i beat the
whole class. woo-hoo. go me....i guess. so yeah, it was
cold today, and i passed 2 tests in drivers ed. go me
again. haha. lets see, how was class today? spanish was
lame and boring. we hadda play this lame game and i finally
got it. i dont think the teacher likes me. hey lakers are
15-1 sweeeeeet!!! ugh i gotta go in a while. ah fuck i
needa go now. laters.

** my friend paolo from SD likes me! oh no!!**


please let tomorrow go alright and let me survive another
day in the hellhole also known as high school....aRRRgh!