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2001-04-01 07:04:01 (UTC)

I had a really weird day. A..

I had a really weird day. A little bit of good and lil bit
of bad. Another drama production tonite. I like Ian soo
much. Why can't he like me back? Grr! Micheal doesn't
like me. Dennis doesn't love me. Isaac is the only person
that likes me. I met him tonite. So sexy and has killer
abs. He came to tonite's performance with my friend,
Tashia. Omg, I just about died when I first saw him. He
is just absolutely sooo hot. I thought that he was
Tashia's bf at first but reminded myself that her bf's name
is Mike. She told me at intermission that he was checking
me out and that he liked me. Then later after the show, I
was talking to them, tashia said she had a terrible
headache, I said I could get Aleve out of my purse, went to
get it and heard her tell him to stop checking out my ass.
It was too funny. I still like Ian though. Ian is sooo
sweet and funny and cute and musically inclined and just
soooo great!!! I dunno. I wish he liked me. It's too bad
he is wasting his energy on Erin, when she doesn't even
like him like that. She just wants to be his friend. He
asked her out last night which kinda peeved me but she
said "no" anyway. Thank God! He shows off when I am
around. I think that is a sign that he likes me, but then
again, I could be wrong. I have been before. Yuck! Why
can't guys just come out and say that they like me? I bet
I would be getting offers everyday if guys were really that
truthful. Guess what Jason(Jill's loverboy) told me? That
he has a little crush on me and he told me that when I was
online at drama. Just now he told me that he had a huge
crush on me. LoL! This is crazy. I feel so flattered. He
just doesn't know what that did for my self esteem. I am
pissed of that my dad wouldn't let me go to Amanda's party
after the performance. I really really wanted to go. Ian
would be there. It would have been so much fun, but no, my
dad decides that she lives to far away which is total b.s.
It takes maybe 15 minutes to get to where she lives from my
school. Maybe next weekend I can go, that is if Amanda has
another party which I pray she does. All I need is a ride
to and from the party. I am 16 after all. My parents
can't stop me from being a normal teenager forever.