changing lanes
2001-12-04 02:43:30 (UTC)

how much does my life suck?

im kinda depressed today so i thought i'd write it down
brad and i are having problems and i'm feeling like i made
a mistake by ever fuckin with him in the first place i
really don't know whats wrong.... but last night he said he
was reading a book on astrology and that it said he adn i
were exciting but that a relationship would never work and
then he followed that by telling me how his son and his
baby mamma were his soulmates!!!!! he didn't think
anything was wrong with telling me that because he read it
but i mena FUCK YOU if you think that you can say things
like that and it not effect me! i didn't say another word
to him and since he has narcolepsy (FOR REAL) he passed out
at like 9 o'clock and I AM FURIOUS that all day today he
has acted like there is nothing wrong!!! i REALLY don't
think he even thought that bothered me. ANYWAY. On a
brighter note i have to go to court tomorrow and i have to
take the bus so i'm pissed. OH yeah I got accepted to
ECPI technical college i'm going to take some networking
classes to change my career. well, thats all. I HATE MEN!!!