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2001-12-04 02:29:11 (UTC)

What's Up

I'm tired, but it's been a while so I figured I would do a
quick update. You know, for now I have to say that I'm not
sure exactly WHAT the final number of poems will be in the
book. But quality wise I'm happy with what I got. I'm
trying to make a collection that has a little something for
everyone as I expose different sides to myself...my
thoughts, feelings and many other things I just look at and
click with...but that is the whole point of I AM. It shows
you me, through many many different facets. From the
cynical to the ideal. From Death to life...hopefully when
you see the whole thing you will be impressed.
I have two dates with the mic this week. The first is
tomorrow in about fourteen hours...I don't know how long I
got but I hope that once I loosen up I can tear the house
down. Tonight is a rehearsal for me...I'm going down by the
river and playing them out. Tomorrow it begins...
I am also in the last two weeks of school so I may not be
able to update as often as I'd like...but I will update.
The links section will soon be done and operational.
But all in all I'm impressed with the website...now is the
time to create interest.
That is all for now. I'm tired, cold and hungry...
The Mad Scientist

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