me, myself and i
2001-12-04 02:24:47 (UTC)

So today was kinda a depressing..

So today was kinda a depressing day. First starts off with
my friend Broc being upset, so I helped him out with his
problem (but I wasn’t upset about that cause I like to help
people out as much as possible). Well mary and I got to
talk about a lot of things today which is good cause I had
a lot on my mind of what happened over the weekend (good
things). But some girl said something to me today that i
got a little depressed about. i know she was just wondering
what it was and how i got it, but i found it really
offending actually. Nobody seems to understand that tho. I
know they are just words but its something i've had to live
with my whole life an di'm still not over it. I don't think
i ever will till i'm married or something (if that even
happens becasue it seems like everyone judges me for what i
look like). and NOBODY really understands. They say they
do, but i truly don't believe they do. but NEwayz... Sir
Rapp came home last night, so I talked to him a little but.
Everyone kinda got over what he did to holly over the time
he was gone, but I guess he didn’t. I know he’ll carry
that with him for a long time. Well Saturday night I went
over to Lloyd’s house and I had a really fun time. I was
really proud of q-balls cause she really opened up. I was
telling q-balls how I usually analyze relationships for
myself. I picture it has a map, and how I never take the
main road, I take the back ones…and when I get lost on
those back roads, then I just go home and figure it wont
work. I was talking to my josh about that and he said once
I get home to look at the map again and figure a new path,
and maybe go the main road. (I heart u josh, u’ve always
been there for me). And me who doesn’t usually express her
feelings about people… I always seem to poor my heart out
to these 3 or 4 people I trust. {q-balls, Mary, hohar and
josh (sometimes mark) }. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately
that I can’t all say cause I know some people read this and
I’ll just embarrass myself. Well that’s the end of my story
for now.

P.S. exciting news for the day, eric (aka lloyd) said he liked me!!!