2001-12-04 02:09:49 (UTC)

hmmmmmmm...what to write about?..

hmmmmmmm...what to write about? today was not too bad,
during study hall i hung out with melissa mike caitlin
corrine and brian. we went to the granite run mall and ate
at chick fill'a. hehe. i showed everyone my snow dance
dress, adn whatnot. weird, i like it less now that i saw it
in the store..guess it looks better on than off or somepin.
that was fun, then went back to school and stuff, me and
lea are coo. again, she has more to talk about now that
she's gone on a date :). and i have more to talk about
because..well. let's just leave it at that. muahahahha.
then went to pre calc it sucks ass as ususal, went home,
went to work, work was ok...i got pissed at alex he bagged
two small orders from me, then this chick came through with
this humungo order and he leaves. i was soooo mad. but i
got over it. then he told me to watch out for this guy greg
b/c he's a pimp...i found that pretty odd, and asked how it
affected me, cuz honestly i don't care he can pimp if he
wants ya know? but he told me to be careful but wouldn't
explain. haha. good thing i'm not parinoid. apparently i'm
a hussy but in a good way...that's what make said this
morning at the mall....ooook weird people i'm talking to
today..hehe well they just say wierd things. anywho my old
manager from antie anne's came through my line, and i gave
her the matt pic. she said she'd give it to him cuz none of
us wanted it. hehe. that's gonna be pretty funny when she
gives it to him from me, hehe i'd like to see that. he may
also be going to my school's snow dance. haha i would have
oh so much fun with that..oh man. was ok and
wahtnot...i still hate it but it wasn't tourtorous. my
friend gary's parent's came through my line...and they did
yesterday too. hehe. they told me gary's avoideing me cuz
i'm going out with rich...then they said they were
kidding...phew. that would have made me really upset. um
and then i came home, got a letter from a college they got
my application and they process it asap. wow, that's good
to know. i had all the info they sent me anyway..i have
practically every pamphlet they own. teehee. anywho i guess
that's all for now. leave a damn message, what the
hellfuck? i only have three and one i have no idea what
it's from and the others are old blah. i need new