Don Juan

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2001-12-04 02:02:20 (UTC)

Meeting a Gurl

I met a girl on the trip to Disney World. She's awesome!!
She loves to argue with me... I LOVE that!! She's very good
looking too... and what a personality. She seemed to
like me too... we kinda slept on eachother on the way
back... that was nice. We walked all over the disney parks for
four days together... she was such a good person to talk
to. A group of 5 of us just sat and talked for 3 hours
after lunch one day. I think I liked that the best out of
all my experiences in Florida this weekend. The only bad
thing is that she's a 'good' girl. She's so wonderful
though... I've been looking for a reason to stop being the
way I am anyway. I've never had a real reason to... now I
do though. That would be nice... having a wonderful
girlfriend and not doing all those bad things to destroy my
life. We're going out on a date Friday I think. Well, she
had the biggest smile on her face when I asked her to do
something with me Friday and said "maybe." I loved the
look she gave me when she said that. Always keeping me
guessing... but not really. Then whenever I was right
about something and she was wrong... say for instance,
when we were in the parks; she'd always say 'lucky
guess.' That didn't fly... I always used it on her too
when she was right about something. She'd always look at
me with this smile that said to me, "That's exactly what I
wanted you to say, but how dare you use my own words
against me?" She was an awesome person to hang around
But all the way from Florida sitting with her, I just
couldn't help but to look at the night sky and think about
all my past relations and wonder if we would end up the
same way. And I couldn't help but think about all the
other girls. Man I hope I don't screw this one up too.
I really want to be with someone... and with someone as
awesome as her would be great! I guess we'll see.