16 years old and lost in life?
2001-04-01 06:29:12 (UTC)

ahhhh this world is sooo damn..

ahhhh this world is sooo damn confusin.
im so damn confused.
i donno if i should really care anymore
i have always thought about becomin a shy person
i hate people who are suposively popular they piss me the
hell off.
i hate em.
they think they can do nething.
Why i hate POPULAR people:
1. Can yell at you when ever they want and its never there
2. Are ALWAyZ right.
3. Doenst matter what you do youll never make them happy.

I have tonz of poeple who are supposievly popular what the
fuck is popular?
Would SOMEBODY tell me what that means and how i can be
different to some one else?
I just dont get it.
people tell me i am funny
people tell me i am cool.
but why should i have a great life.
when all "POPULAR" people do is be dumb to me.
its really gay and starting to piss me off.
im sorry kt this is kinda off of your subject but i had to
write on to it .
please write me some feedback thanx!