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2001-12-04 01:51:31 (UTC)

Feeling stressed.....

Man, I am glad today is over. I went to the phonathan and
then hitched a ride back with Kimberly. Her dad is
awesome! I talked to Rusty on the phone for a while, felt
a hint of tension. He's supposed to call me back, but I
don't know if he will or not. He came over to Tina's house
Sat. night and we watched "Enemy at the Gates" it was
actually pretty good, but long. I've been feeling pretty
frustrated with him lately. I just wish there was
something I could do to make him like me or make a
move...ANYTHING! I've never had to work this hard for a
guy, and I most likely won't even come out on top. Sucks
for me! And the other thing is, I don't have a backup guy
to tamper with. I mean, usually I have three or four guys
that I can shift from when one bails out on me...but I am
totally focused on Rusty and thats even suckier because he
could care less. Man, this is sad. I can't wait for
Christmas vacation. I need a break. I need some time to
just chill, peace out and get my thoughts gathered up.
Hopefully I can do better on my grades next semester.
Anywayz, I need to go. ~Beth~

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