Bipolar - Fucked up
2001-12-04 01:35:22 (UTC)

sex advise, i need some

the night before last i was sleeping at my friends house,
and her brother and his friend was there. well everyone
went to sleep and i was still up hanging out with my
friends brother and his friend. well we were hanging out
and then we went up to her brothers room. they wanted me
to take my clothes off for them so i did. and we sat there
for a little and nothing happened. then all of a sudden
her brothers friend spread my legs apart and started
eating me out. and it was really good b/c he has his
tongue pierced. anyway after he started doin that my
friends brother started sucking my tits and we were
kissing and shit, and then her brothers friend got on top
of me and we started fucking.well i dunno know i guess i
kinda feel what i did was wrong b/c her brothers friend
has got a gf, and a kid. and i dont even know why i did
it, but i shouldve used a condom and i didnt, and he came
in me. and im supposed to go over there tommorow or
wednessday for like a week, and i dont know if i should
fuck her brother or not. or if i should fuck his friend
again if im there. someone plz give me some advice.