buffalo girl

phsycho's life
2001-12-04 01:20:21 (UTC)

i'm really happy:)

ya, i had a really good day today. i don't know why tho.
last night was....interesting. i really didn't want to get
offline when i had to cuz i was tryin to figure somethin
out. it sucked really bad cuz i really wanted to. but my mom
says i NEED to get my sleep. it didn't make any sense at all
to me cuz i was in bed with the lights off at 9:05 and i
wasn't able to fall asleep until 10:50. it sucked really
bad! it was probly because i had like 4 cans of mountain dew
yesterday, but it's ok. darn! i just remembered that we have
a game against lourdes tomorrow. they're gonna kick our
butts! oh well, i probly won't play very much anyways.
that's ok with me. i am really hyper right now. i'm bored
tho because there's nobody online to talk to. and now
emily's got late practices so i can't really talk to her
because by the time she gets on i probly hafta get off. oh
well....i'll live. grrrr my brother's being RETARDED!!!!!!!
he's such a dork. he hasta go upstairs in like 10 minutes
tho. yay! i'm so happy. hmm...i wonder what i should do. i'm
sure i'll figure somethin out. ok, yeah. g'night all:)