Forgotten Misery
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2001-12-04 01:12:06 (UTC)

I hate Homework!!!!

I had homework in 6 of my classes today ahh im so mad!!! I
have been doing homework since 3:30 today and it is now 8
and im very tired and very dizzy feeling right now and im
not sure y but i feel like im about ready to just fall over
and thats not coo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ohwell today after school was so so much fun!!!! We took
tape and went all the way around chads truck with it and we
did have racing stripes on it but we took it off cause it
was to much and put the tape ball on his atenta I would of
love to see his face but anyways. Also my boys crack me up
so so much cause rob and zak were acting like they were
fighting over me it was cute and then murphy was like ahh
look at u your drunk and then i got in kennys old truck and
starting playing with his speaker thingy since all my boys
purtty much left me sniffles after I had to call my cell 50
times to figure out who had it they took it from me when i
was helping taping chads truck out of my butt pocket and i
didnt know until i went to use it to have zak teach me how
to put rings on it which i cant since i dont have the e-
mail option right now. I so Better be able to drive to
school tomorrow i mean i love people i bum off of but i
like driving so i can just leave even though u can never
beat the crazyness of the parking lot with my boys but
anyways geez my bro wont respond to me and i want to
congradulate him on his ingament to christina. Man I was
talking to her bro today and hes like changed since i first
met that kid hes all grown up and tall and not short and
fat anymore I was like what thats not nathan then i was
like damn it is so we were talking about how it was about
time those 2 got married i mean what they have been dating
since they were like in 9 grade and are juniors in college
now and have been apart most of the year cause he goes to
northcarolina and she goes to purdue and they made it and
that is so sweet its like a fairtale with those 2 its a
perfect love. i hope i am as happy as they are one day im
a hopeless romantic ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahh marky is online
lol i love his sister so much !!!! Blah blah blah anyways
this is a really long journal go me and random thought im
gona call my sis in a few. Hm geoff never called me back
big surprise um not. Anyways not going there cause dont
feel like gettin bitchy so im out.


Ps:Actions Speak louder than words

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