Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2001-12-04 00:15:23 (UTC)

the "Heys of Our Lives"


went to work today. the whole time i thought about how
it sucked to work today....i don't know why, it just
did....for some reason. actually, i know the reason, it
was because I knew i had a mountain of bills, and this was
only going to be a drop in the bucket. all the while
another co-worker kept talking about making tons of money
next month due to his high hourly rate and over 100 hours
every two weeks.....well, when that time comes, i'll be
okay for while, ....until it falls right back down again,
or until i get fed up enough (but i doubt it....i've been
there this long...) after partaking in brief one-on-one
conversations with a few of the other co-workers, I caught
on to the idea that I am basically screwed. unless by some
miracle a golden job opportunity was going to fall out of
the sky and land right in front of me. my current job aint
bad, but i prefer structure over 'whenever', When it comes
to income, i would like to be able to predict exactly how
much i would be raking in, instead of playing it by ear for
the rest of my life...that's just for kids, sheeit, i like
to budget my resources appropriately so there won't be any
surprises....i hate surprises....

Well, until my next installment of the "Heys of Our Lives",
this wonderful diatribe shall continue.....indefinitely
into the future.....never knowing when it's going to