Emo Kid

Stuck and Trapped
2001-12-04 00:02:57 (UTC)

Free at Last

Ok so I'm not afraid to admitt this crap, but I had an
online bf. Im not allowed to date in real life so what the
hell. Well the dude just said for us to just be "friends"
which i have no problem with at all, because he was
starting to get on my last nerve and it was just a waste of
space for me. i mean i didnt even really like him. i just
said yeah to have something new and just to try it out, but
it was honestly pretty pathetic. anyways, i went back to
skool today. and my friend andreya went to winterball with
brad this past saturday and i thought she liked him....but
i guess not cuz he asked her out and she said no cuz she
said she still had feelings for her ex daniel...who she
dumped cuz like he was "cheating on her" but i guess not,
cuz they are back together today. but andreya led poor brad
on and hes sorta sad and stuff cuz he was rejected, yet
again. poor guy. if he wasnt my good friend, id go out with
him lol. but its ok, hes like me. we havent had our "first
kiss" yet. thats how much of a loser I, ME, YES ME, am, or
is whatever. and its ok i guess cuz its not my fault,
right??? well yeah, i sort of like my friend david, and
edgar wants me to tell him today, its like i use to like
david, then i stopped, then i started to again, then i
stopped, and now i think i am starting to again. i dont
know why. i dont wanna tell him cuz im afraid of rejection
and stuff u know. and i dunno its just hard for me. also
bsides the MAIN point...im not allowed to. oh well. life
goes on. then when i die, im gunna look back and say "damn
i never got to date like a real teen" which blows. well i
g2g and ill talk to you later. i gotta do chores and study
for drivers ed and do my algebra homework...aRRRgh school
sucks, especially high school...