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Emo Violence
2001-12-04 00:01:00 (UTC)

so matt

and i have becomming real close, him and i talk a lot, and
i can tell he wants to disucss whats going on with his
girlfriend. hes maturing sexually and this is a big stage
in his life, im happy ot be there for him. and everything
is taken very seriously though matter-of-factly unlike
things with will and i.

we went to the mall today, it was ok, bought some porn and
stuff, i drove up with matt, i enjoyed talking to him. he
needed to vent ya know. jarred made some jerk face comments
like... "i hope you know that Jim didnt come today becuase
you were comming" (like what was i supposed to say, OHH oh,
JIM wanted to come???!! im sorry, you are right, i should
ignore the invitation to the mall to let him go with MY
friends so he doesnt feel uncomfortbale) so i told him "if
it makes you feel any better, if he came, i wouldnt have"
then matt says "if he came i wouldnt have either" so i
thought good, matt is definately sticking up for me,
BESIDES this was originalyl matts and My trip, will was an
after thought and jarred just came a long for the ride, so
why in the hell would jim come anyway, fuck that shit.

i got caitlyn a present and hopefully i will finish my mix
tapes in the next day or so.

pssh fuck this shit, i have to memorize a 21 line passage by tommrow
first period.

Pardon Me, O bleeding earth.

thats as far as i have gotten.

also note: jarred tells me that jim talks all this shit on
me, how jim gets up and just straight preaches against me,
and i said "well, fine, he can do whatever he wants,
honestly, hes helping me see who my true friends are by
seeing who is actually defending me" and i walked away, he
looked upset that i said it.

im sad for marcus, i cant understnad how he has any sort of
sexual outlet. it really scares me. i wish he could just
learn to understand his sexual urges instead of repressing
them, its so not healthy. and it makes me extrememly upset.

im hungry, just about 7 pm adn no mom. : ( ah well.