lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2001-12-03 23:54:19 (UTC)

"i need someone to crack my skull, i need someone to kiss"

amen sister. righto. ok a lot has happened so i'm playin'
it lazy-style.

came home, chilled by myself for a long time, cleaned my
room. marisa got there, and we commented upon the hoochie
mamas that were walking along the road. then we picked up
brian and took him to david's, and who should be sitting
there but the hoochie mamas themselves!! so yes he went
out with these girls. oy paco.

and then marisa & i went to her house & ate dinner & we
chillins watched TV for like 2 hours and i've officially
been scarred beyond all belief by the frosty the snowman
movie. no wonder my parents didn't let me watch it as a

then we went home and waited for brian, who came back at
12:30 so that was great. and meg called at midnight saying
we had to take her out to breakfast. then marisa & i
watched romy & michelle's high school reunion which
scandalized my booty but it was funny :-)

went to breakfast at 10:20...cuz it took my little brother
20 minutes to finally decide to get off the roof and come
with us. we went to ihop and met a guy named email. ohh

then we had to go by marisa's but somehow it ended up
taking muchas horas pero no ill will to the ballers.
straight up. so i got beat up a couple times, and then we
went to my house for some reason. so we sat around there,
and then many phone calls happened, and yes they did. long
and short, we went to britt's that night and hung out and
ate her food. mm hmm.

went to church, actually not early for once so that was
relaxing. worked in 4's and 5's and got called "teacher"
which is always so cute. ahh some of those kids are sooo
precious. ahh yes. 15 and pregnant. the movie, THAT IS,
OK?! wow.

then went to lunch, and then meghan entertained everyone
with indian calls on the way home. yeehaw. and yeah.
then i stayed @ meg's and then we went to biola where i
bought an indian trash can for $1.29 and it was soo cute.
but i left it in the van so heaven knows if i'll ever see
it again.

and then marisa, eddie, and chris chased me & meg around
the parking lot (in cars, that is) and we listened
to "brass monkey" and some other song i reeeeally like but
only meg heard it and she didn't know it but it's old and
now i wish i could remember it!!! AHAHAG!

anyway yeah. then today happened but it doesn't count.
mondays don't exist in my book :-D

later skaters. i loooove you!

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