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2001-12-03 23:48:38 (UTC)


Yes, I realize that this is TODAY, but i would rather write
about YESTERDAY. Loren and I went shopping (the fun kind,
not the reaaaally annoying kind, like shopping usually is)
and we ran around old navy for like an hour, and i got a
really cute skirt (which means I'm going to have to
shave...AGAIN...) and this cute, sheer, camisole/thong set
thing. Then we went to Ulta, and I got a fun mud-masque
thing (my face is silky smooth and radiant!) and I finally
bought an eyelash curler. I have always refused to use
them because I thought they looked like some ancient
torture device, however, as with so many things, my
curiosity got the better of me, and so I tried it....and,
nothing; it doesn't do a thing, which is fine, cuz I have
great eyelashes anyway, but like I said, I was curious.
Then we ran by Blockbuster, because ever since she has
started working there, she lives there... and her manager
is really cute! And here was my silly frivolous, frippery-
ish part of the entry. Now for serious character
analyses. Loren and I have been really close friends,
since like, 5th grade (? maybe??), she lives two houses up
the street, and we have that same weird "wacko" (as she
would say) sense of humor. However, it is really odd that
we are still such good friends, considering the number of
blow-ups we've had... there's no one else (my dear, darling
mother aside) that I've been in more fights with... it's
like, after a few months, we just forget it and go back to
normal. But even odder still is that we can go for months
on end without talking, and then spontaneously get
together, and we'll just pick up right where we left off...
it's like we've known each other for so long, and so well
that we don't need to talk on a regular basis to keep up
with each other, which is actually kind of nice. Of
course, we always revert to twelve-year-old mentality
around each other.