my name?

my boring life
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2001-12-03 23:26:31 (UTC)

nothin to do!~

Im so bored!....Friday was kinda fun i guess...i went to
the rink..ha how fun..i kno its gay but whatever..this
friday was actually kinda fun.. Like everyone was there so
that was cool.Hmmm so it was the normal friday for
me...then saturday came..i skipped my saturday usual.. thats about hte extent of my
saturdya...then came sunday...slept in and went to
strawberrys bought the new ludacris cd its pretty good then
i went to blockbuster and rented legally blonde....yeah im
loser lol i didnt go out at all this weekend bcuz i had to
sit home just in case mrs.ostar tryed to call my house
again..grrr... she prolly woudl knowing her. then came
monday the usual skewl day..i was soo tried this morning it
wasnt even funny...then i actually went ot english for a
change and then i got called down to quad and got told i
have ISS wends.. and thurs and a saturday AGAIN ahhh i hate
rules i really do! then came enhancemement... OMG i drove
today.. Diego let me drive his car so that was crazy...on
his part..because we ALL know i cant drive at
all..then...later we went crusing...and found chris g and
sean and met them back at the parking lot at
school...then...after that chris gave me a ride home...and
we almost hit a bus yeah a bus that would have hurt just a
lil lolz...and then chris and i chilled at sams for a lil
while...later on sam and I went up to my house and watched
a movie then sam went home and here i am sitting on the gay
ass im going to go now!
Buh bye!

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