my life
2001-12-03 22:47:32 (UTC)


okay im just sitting here and im not talking to anyone
listening to a kick ass song.
can my life get any more boring? and the bad part is i
didnt even live half of it yet.

but i was talking to some girls from my choreography
class...(or steps class) and we are all so excited that
were going to FLORIDA!! on christmas break!!

if we win the competition...were gonna be #1 champs in our
girls division of dance. HA we may even perform at the
superbowl!!!!! ISNT THAT NUTS?! IM SO SCARED!!! IM SO
HAPPY!! What if we dont win? what if we dont win? WHAT IF
WE DONT WIN?! ahhhhh boy. we better win. I'll be the
happiest person in the world.
what is it with people these days?

i dunno