just a normal life
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2001-12-03 22:47:00 (UTC)

My first entry! yay!

Hey! ok well i dont really know how many ppl are gonna read
this or watever but sorry if i screw up spellin stuff...i'm
prolly not really payin attention and just lettin my
fingers type so yep! welll first i just wanna tell ya bout
my friends... julianne and mandy~best friends a gurl can
get! they've always been there for me thru everything and
whenever i get snotty or depressed or nething they're there
for me always! we've been thru worse weather and we'll
always be together! wow that rhymes! haha i got the worse
weather thing from ja rule cuz me and ju r la regla de ja
freaks! haha neways i just wanna thank them cuz they've
been like the most improtant ppl to me and they're like
family to me now! i luv em to death!
~yea and then oo we've got heather! best lecturer in the
world and always there if u need advice! If it wasn't for
her i don't know wat i'd do! shes a great friend!
~oo kara jo kara jo! shes like one of the funniest and
strangest ppl in the world! i don't know wat i'd do with
out her....especially in speed reading! but newayz shes a
very smart person and she doesn't tend to take sides just
cuz she favors one person or the other!
~Kelly! Ur so crazy! I don't know wat i'd do with out u
either! u can always always cheer ppl up cuz ur always so
bubbly and happy! i just luv that! i'm glad we became
ok well this is gettin long so enough with my friends! no
j/m i luv em lots and so u'll here mo bouts them all the
time! ok wellll today...uhhh nothing happened! latley my
life has just been blahhhh..yea get up go to school come
home have a butt load of hw! but not as much today as i
normally do and i am goin to a bball game tonight so maybe
that'll be fun!! yea i think i need a guy in my life just patiently waitin around for that...or maybe i
sould get up and go find one myself...but i have a provlem
doin that cuz i'm jsut stupid and shy! lol but newayz ummm
yea so thats it for today but send me feedback cuz i just
think that'd be kewl and umm u can read like juliek's diary
thingy cuz she needs advice too and she has a more exciting
life than me but its all good! bye