All in the Night
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2001-12-03 21:55:55 (UTC)

I'm moving on...

Has anyone else ever heard that song??? I really feel like
i could relate to it right now....Did i metnion in my last
entry that Chad and i had a fight??? Well, we had a nice
arguement b/c "i'm all over other guys..." Agh, he was mad
b/c i was leaning my head on Andre in the breakroom the
other day and b/c i have a lot of guy friends or
something...It's going all down hill. Matt and i had a
discussion about it today...I really like being with him,
but he's not for me...so then i was in a bad mood and got
into it with Andrew which i feel really bad about. He
keeps asking me why i was mad at him Saturday night, and i
keep telling him that i wasn't mad...which i really
wasn't. I think i felt more like crying than anything.
Sarah was the one that kept me from actually doing it...
but then anyways, I hate not getting along with people...ok
so anyways, I actually had a nice long talk with Matt, and
he was just being depressing...so anyways, life is just
plain shitty right about now...la-di-da-di-da I hope
Sarah's appointment is ok tomorrow! Dont' worry girl,
you'll have nothing to worry about, it'll be ok!!!!1 BUt
anyways, i'm out

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