Nothing but drama....
2001-12-03 21:46:17 (UTC)


Its about 1:30 in the afternoon, and you would think I dont
have anything interesting to write about, but guess
what...i have plenty to write about it. Actually I'm not
suppose to be writing in this journal, at Damien's request,
but its something I have to do. This is my only way I get
to vent and let it out of my system. I dont have anything
to really vent about today, but......sheesh, Damien is one
complex person. He must think a million things in one
string of thought. He probably thinks in his dreams. He,
out of the blue called and just started talking abut all
these things, it caught me off gaurd, but in a way I knew
what he was talking about....the trust, the
respect...things have just been stressful. I hope that we
can make things better. It will take from both of our
parts, Im sure we will be ok. Him and I always seem to make
things work out anyways, its then when I realize that we
really do love each other. I love him so much.

OMG - the Xmas party is this Saturday. I wish I didnt have
to go. I mean I want to, but Im going to feel so
unconfortable, I feel so ugly and fat. All I want to do is
look nice for Damien, but I cant do that in 5 days....its
going to take forever, and miracle. Or maybe just some
effort on my part. I just go so side-tracked....Whatever Im
outta here, getting depressed. Im just glad Damien and I
are working things out.

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