I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2001-12-03 21:43:14 (UTC)


Hello. Just chilling today. Drove out into the country
today. It was gorgeous. Lots of horse farms, and open
spaces. But I'm not a huge horse fan, but they are pretty
to look at. Other than that, I have no news. Very boring.
Have to wash the car today. Hmm...I usually think of
journal entries as I'm driving, and I had a subject
earlier, but now I don't remember.....*thinking hard* Oh
yes, I remember. Okay, here's the scoop kids: I don't like
being helpless. If there is a problem, I prefer to be
proactive about it. Find the solution and fix it. That's
what I like. However, things have been popping up lately
that I can't do anything about, no matter what. And so I
worry about them. What can I say, I'm a worrier. Well,
here's to a fresh start, to not worrying about what I can't
control. That's going to be so tough for me, but I'm really
going to give it a try. I am afraid that I might come off
as arrogant and uncaring, but I am making myself crazy over
things out of my hands. Does that make sense? I hope so, I
just can't deal with being responsible for everyone else.
Though I'd really like to 'cause then I could make people
happy, but I need to care about myself since I don't have a
Me to do it for me. Okay, that's about it. Over and out, 10-
4 and all that jazz.