My Thoughts
2001-12-03 21:37:36 (UTC)


Well, 'bout time for us to start the night's festivities.
First, Alex and Shannon and myself are going to the HPSA
meeting (always entertaining!!! ) and then our room is
going out to dinner. I was told to charge my meal to my
Visa because I am a broke college student. I think my dad
feels sorry for me. He said to charge my meal. So I will.
We rarely go out and do anything as a room so this is a
good opportunity to get together. Ughhh...finals suck.
STRESSSSSSS!!!! We get free "stress buster" packs from
HPSA (Honors Program Student Association). Whoopee!! It is
probably cheap instant cappucino and popcorn. They have a
massage therapist for us also. Hmmmmm....I don't think
so... Anyways, my stomach is all upset, and I think it is
due to Sharky's, this kind of crusty pizza joint Eric and
Shannon and me went to the other night. THe food seemed
pretty good...I don't know. Well, gotta go listen to Conway
J talk about upcoming HPSA events!!! Fun Fun FUN