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2001-12-03 21:37:06 (UTC)


Well we went shopping, opps never made it to the SAC,
hehe. I did get all my shopping done for my Secret Santa
and I'm almost done with Rachy now, hehehe!!!!! She is so
easy to shop for I could just keep buying her stuff:)
Ashley on the other hand is being rather difficult, naughty
girl. So yeah what did else did I do today?? Well I
actually had work to do today which was a nice change from
being bored out of my mind, uggg. Oh and and HELL YES we
went and talked to the advisor for ITALY again and found
some super exciting news!!!!!! We get to take 6 credits
over there which means we are going to be able to get
Financial aid which means we can afford to go:) I'm so
super psyched to go but still sad that Ashley can't come
with.:*( So now we have another meeting on Friday with the
Office of International Education and I'm going to make
another appt. with Financial Aid tomorrow. Now I have to
study for my stupid music test that I haven't touched yet
and it's tomorrow. Oh yeah and I get a yummy dinner in the
Down Under with my girlies well a few of them anyhow:)