Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2001-12-03 21:23:48 (UTC)

Food for thought

My name is unknown, even to those who know me.
Speechless, I tell you everything that you need to know.
Running and straining, I do not move. Hurting I do not cry.
Wanting I do not take. Stubborn, now passive. Brave, now
fearful. The cause you ask? Love. Love gives where there is
nothing. Love takes where there is less. It can strips away
all that is good, yet it remains worthwhile. Love and Hate
are mortal enemies. But is it possible to love to hate? Or
to hate to love? Yes, I tell you know thatr it is very
possible. You can love someone so much and get no reply at
all. This makes you hate the love that you have for this
person. And Hate can become so entrapping, so satisfying
that you can love to hate someone. Yet another paradox in
life, a question that will never be answered.

-Anon Y. Mus

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