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2001-12-03 21:09:57 (UTC)

September 9, 2001

This weekend was awesome!I hung out with Nicky, Rachel, and
Danielle all weekend,which is great because I don't get to
see them during school. We saw some people uptown and I
finally found out about Danielle and Ben. She always runs
away from him because she blew him and is scared to see him
now. I can't believe she would do something like that...she
was so against me doing things like that, it makes no
sense. Rachel is still as clean as ever. She had the chance
to hook up with her ex boyfriend, Scott, but didn't want
to. I really think that she's going to be a nun or
something, she is just so prude...I can't believe she never
kissed anybody! Nicky and Tyler are doing good, but never
talk, and I still hold the opinion that their relationship
is pointless. Well, it is another week of school tomorrow,
so I better get to my homework. More later this week!